“Until you experience this kind of training first hand, you have NO IDEA what your body is truly capable of…”

"Super Soldier" Strength Training Secret Used
By History's Most Elite Combat Warriors Turns
Even The Shortest, Most Playful Workout Into
A “Metabolic Superweapon”

From The Desk Of: Helder Gomes
Dateline: Monday, September 20, 2021

Dear Friend,

If you would like to know how even weak, “wet noodle” men can suddenly become “metabolically dominant supermen”

…capable of almost mythic displays of strength, power and endurance

Then here’s a secret way some of the fiercest combat cultures ever to walk the earth have done it…

And why I think you can do the same thing today… no matter what kind of shape you’re in now…

Here’s the story:

Many years ago, after being discharged from the United States Marine Corps as a Service Connected Disabled Vet, I hit rock bottom.

I was in constant pain. I put on a bunch of weight. All of my muscle turned to mush. Simple tasks like getting dressed and taking a shower and even leaving the house became…

Acts Of Dread

I won’t get into the darker stuff. But, let’s just say going from “hot shot” to “humpty dumpty” almost overnight is a real head trip.

Anyway, why am I telling you all of this?

Because I’ve got to admit something rather embarrassing:

See, silly as it sounds, I used to fantasize about being a modern day “Captain America”.

No joke.

In my daydreams… a couple of “men in black” would show up at my door and ask me to come with them. I’d be secreted away to some “shadow government” facility in the middle of nowhere.

And that’s when they’d lay it on me:

As a “thank you” for your service to the country, Uncle Sam was going to put you back together again… and this time you’re going to be…

Better Than Ever!

We’re talking super strength, telepathy, immunity from pain…

Enhanced senses and regenerative powers… the ability to skip sleep… plus…

The awesome power to leap ten feet in a single bound… sprint at inhuman speeds… and run all day without running out of gas…

AND… the most badass part: I’d be equipped with muscles made of liquid armor

…capable of dishing out just as much conflict-ending punishment as it could take…

In other words, I’d not only be able to feel good about myself again… but I’d become…

A One-Man Fighting Force

Needless to say, that not quite how I ended up bouncing back to get in the best shape of my life.

Yet, how it DID happen is far more important for YOU.

See, while waiting around for that “knock on the door”… I was doing some research of my own… seeking out the perfect strength training style that would work for anyone (regardless of how weak, stiff and old you feel)to maximize your physical performance without grinding your body into the ground…

And that’s when I stumbled upon…

“The Grandpa Brigade”

At first glance, these guys didn’t look anything like ANYONE you should take fitness advice from.

I would have ignored them had it not been for the strange weights they were carrying around.

These guys were old, grey and wrinkled.

Their “guns” weren’t splitting any sleeves or anything like that. In fact, as far as I could tell… they were fragile skeletons of flesh and bone beneath their baggy clothes.

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

But then their shirts came off and the iron started to fly

And My Jaw Smacked The Floor!

Here were these “dinosaurs” doing things with weights they had NO BUSINESS doing at their age… (or at ANY age, for that matter.)

Stuff I would have never touched with a ten foot pole… even back in my prime when I was all about “magazine muscles” and coaching up other guys to look good at the club. Anyway…


I mean you really haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed a bunch of “old geezers” embarrassing “cover models” (more than half their age) with a public display of “weight training taboo”.

But get this:

They made it look like “child’s play”.

These guys weren’t “working out”.

Turns out, in their free-time they do this kind of thing for pure enjoyment

In other words, they were getting in fantastic shape… all while having a good laugh.

That’s right…

It Was All Fun And Games To Them!

That’s the real irony here.

There’s was nothing “hardcore” or “insane” about anything they were doing.

They weren’t “muscling through” reps…

They weren’t training until failure or until they puked…

In fact…

They were “cheating” most of the time with lots of momentum. And there was even a lot of “relaxation” involved in what they were doing.

And yet…

There Was Something
Almost “Magical” Happening…

Because here were a bunch of “little old men”… with the kind of meaty, iron grip that could squeeze a diamond out of coal

forearms the size of cannons (and packing just as much firepower)

…and the type of raw, primal core strength, lung power and agility it would take to wrestle down a wild animal and make it bend to your will

If Instagram existed back then, these guys would be FAMOUS.

Naturally, you can’t help but wonder:

What Kind Of Drugs Were
These “Old Timers” On?

And that’s where it gets really interesting…

Because they weren’t shooting up HGH… or “tripping on molly”… or caught up in some crazed fitness cult… or “gluttons for punishment” either…

Turns out these guys were a bunch of grizzled old war veterans… who had seen far worse days than I could ever imagine.

They joked that they were World War II era “Super Soldiers”… who had laid waste to Nazi scum all across the European landscape…

Only to be frozen in ice after a freak accident over the Arctic… and just now thawed out during our strange era of “fitness”.

Funny, but…

Not Too Far From The Truth…

Because the Grandpa Brigade had been around the world and back enough times to pick up some “old secrets”.

And while they were definitely NOT subjects of extreme government experiments…

They did carry out “experiments” of their own with a kind of “ancient power” they dug up along the way…

A “lost art” of weight training for battle, sport and bodybuilding that allowed them to take their bodies beyond the limits of conventional training… and deep into old age.

And guess what?

Even though almost nobody truly understands this “lost art” today, if you look through history, you will see…

Shaolin Monks, Ancient Chinese Imperial
Guard, And Even Old Okinawan Karate
Masters Developed It To Build Their Own
Kind Of Ancient “Super Soldier”

They would take the scrawniest “wet noodle” of a man… and turn him into an “unstoppable force of nature”…

Almost like magic, his body would morph from merely flesh and bone… to the perfect balance of muscle and mobility.

He was now harder, faster, stronger, tougher, more agile, more resilient, and more powerful… than any man that would stand in his way.

These men became legendary for their ability to wipe the floor with bloodthirsty pirates, bandit warlords and any other group of crazed “thugs” that would dare challenge them.

In fact, they became so intimidating some speculated they were “changed” by…

Sorcerer’s Alchemy!

Can you believe that? No joke, either.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering:

What is this “lost art” of weight training?

This legendary way of exercising that — in a very short time — can make you feel like you’ve just gone from “zero to hero”… and do it in ways that will shock and awe those around you?

It’s called “Force Training”.

And while I’m not saying it will make you invincible or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… or lift a car over your head… or even become a one-man-wrecking machine…

…it CAN leave you dripping with the unshakeable confidence that only comes from knowing

Your Body Is Ready For Anything!

Because, frankly, until you experience REAL Force Training for yourself…

You have NO IDEA what your body is truly capable of.

Not only can it give you a “put the fear of God in them” warrior’s physique…

It will “lock and load” that physique with what feels like “fire from the Gods”

Imagine suddenly possessing the “mad scientist” ability to…

Dial Up A “Primal Power Surge” And
Send It RAGING Throughout Your Body…

Supercharging your metabolism…

Electrifying every nerve ending…

Awakening even the most deep-seated muscle fibers…

And along with it all: the potential for…

Quantum Leaps In Your Physical Ability!

I’m dead serious about this.

I know of lifelong lifters using Force Training to SHATTER personal records in the gym. They’ll go weeks (even months) without touching a barbell

…only to pull a new best on their deadlift or blow through a sticking point on their bench… on their first day back “under the bar”.

Seasoned martial artists are being armed with more explosive strikes… more devastating takedowns… and a more dominant ground game… using just a single Force Training exercise

And aging athletes are finally “getting back in the game” (and feeling more “bulletproof” than ever before) with lightning-fast Force Training “workouts”… all while having a blast

How does it work? Well, I’ll tell you one thing:

It’s Nothing Like
“Normal” Weight Training

For starters, the old masters used all sorts of strange weights you don’t see anymore today… like stone locks… stone mallets and tiger bricks.

But, guess what?

The Grandpa Brigade was using a modern version of stone locks (that you can find just about everywhere nowadays) called kettlebells.

The unique design of the kettlebell allows you to do things you wouldn’t be able to do (safely, or at all) with barbells and dumbbells… even using “light” weights.

It literally forces your muscles to work in a way that normal weight training simply won’t allow for

And That’s Where I Made
My First Mistake…

See, I assumed the “magic” was ALL in the kettlebell.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t just some “special type of weight” that turned average joes into “supermen”… it was THE WAY in which they were using it…

FORGET about how “celebrity trainers” have portrayed the kettlebell. They’ve done a bang up job of taking what some call the most “ergonomically perfect” strength training tool… and turning it into…

A Ticking Time Bomb!

Which is a damn shame…

Because when you understand what Force Training is really built for… then you quickly discover “playing around” with a kettlebell is no more dangerous than curling a dumbbell, stepping off a treadmill or bending over to roll up your mat.

Now, look: I’m not saying you should watch a few YouTube clips, head over to the gym and start throwing caution to the wind.

Far from it. But, fact of the matter is…

When you put REAL Force Training to work for you using the "fool-proof" method I’m going to suggest… you’ll quickly realize…

It Can Totally Rejuvenate Your Body

And I’m not just spinning your wheels here. The science backs it up…

A 2012 study from the Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research shows certain Force Training exercises can REVERSE the negative forces inflicted on your spine by conventional training exercises (such as deadlifts, good mornings, etc).

Even better… an earlier study shows "cheating reps" the way Force Training allows for… jumpstarts your body’s “regen-mechanism”which flushes pain-inducing “gunk” from your muscles.

I’m proof positive of that: I went from not being able to dress myself without excruciating pain to…

Going Toe-To-Toe With Some Of The
Most Dangerous Men On The Planet!

And I owe it all to the Force Training method I’m going to reveal to you in a second…

The fact is… you can just practice these “crazy moves” for the next week or two… and suddenly feel more “put together” and “powerful” than you ever imagined.

See, the real “magic” here is this:

You’re not just mindlessly “lifting weights”…

You’re “manipulating force” instead.

Because of the unique motions involved… you’re more like those old martial warriors when you train this way…

…sharp, precise and deeply focused on each and every rep you clip out.

And you want to know something else? Being fully “locked in” on each and every rep the way I’m going to show you is why…

Your Results Far Exceed
The Time You Put In

Leaving you plenty of time and energy to do your duty, your job, practice your sport, and have a life.

And the best part is… it’s so easy to learn… IF you’re following the right steps.

Unfortunately for me, the Grandpa Brigade weren’t in the business of handing out FREE coaching. They were kind enough to point me in the right direction… but I had to figure out the rest on my own.

After more than a decade of blood, sweat and tears… spending tens of thousands of dollars on out of print materials and “underground” seminars and private workshops with controversial “masters”…

I’ve boiled down this “lost art” to 3 simple steps…

What I like to call “Force Factors”

Follow these exactly as laid out and you’ll take your body far beyond what you believe is possible with normal weight training alone…

FORCE FACTOR #1: Force Control

This is where you’re rooting out and plugging up the “force gaps” that weaken and imbalance your body.

See, to masterfully manipulate force… your body must learn how to operate as one fully integrated unit. And it’s your “force gaps” that prevent that from happening…

However, fixing “force gaps” not only saves you from unnecessary injury and pain, but…

Almost Instantly Makes Your Body
Stronger And More Durable

Matter of fact, training on top of “force gaps” is why so many guys find their days numbered in the gym. You can’t really blame anyone for trying to power through these “sticking points.”

They usually don’t know any better, but… sad fact is, doing so only leaves you beat up, burnt out and ultimately on the shelf.

So, FORGET about limiting yourself to training only “body parts” (like most normal weight training workouts do)…

You’re now training full-body “force chains” instead.

Doing so exposes the “gaps” in your chains… and forces your body to become more mobile and more stable… so it can better handle, contain and CONTROL the power you’re about to weild in the next phase…

FORCE FACTOR #2: Force Projection

Fact of the matter is, majority of the weight we use in Force Training would be considered “lightweight” by “normal standards”.

So why is it this style of “easy” training can make even the most “hulked-out” lifter look like a cute little pussycat?

The answer is simple: because Force Projection isn’t about “weight lifting”. Not at all.

Instead of “grinding out” rep after rep… your body is now learning to generate a “force fusion effect” that…

“Electrifies” Your Body More Than
The Average “Pump” Can Ever Do!

Part of this effect has something to do with the TYPE of weight we use.

But, you’ll discover the real “magic” here is hidden in the sneaky little way you’re exploiting muscle tension… to bring explosive force to bearwithout blowing a gasket.

All the while making it look oh-so-EASY…

See, instead of training with Constant Muscle Tension (like most normal weight training workouts do)…

…you’re now training with Cycled Muscle Tension

And while it may seem “taboo”, when you combine “force variables” like Velocity, and Momentum and Relaxation…

they mix together like a nuclear reaction… to create a “force fusion effect” that allows Allows YOU To “Lift Heavy” Without Using Heavy Weight!

And activating THAT untapped “super power” is critical as you move into the next phase…

FORCE FACTOR #3: Force Reaction


You almost can’t believe you’ve never REALLY known what “core strength” was until now.

And your grip…


Now, THIS is what Popeye must feel like…

But, hey… you don’t need spinach.

You’re a Master of “Force Absorption And Redirection.”

And guess what that means?

You’ve just guaran-damn-teed

You’ll NEVER Be Branded As The Guy
With The “All Show, No Go” Physique…

See, instead of training in strict, linear ranges of motion (like most normal weight training workouts do)…

You’re now experiencing the FREEDOM of “Training In 3D”

It’s like putting on a special pair of glasses where suddenly the movie jumps off the screen.

Your training becomes much more “alive” and realistic… with better carry-over to sport, recreation and daily life. (which is why you to get more done with less reps.)

You’re able to “supercharge” ever muscle fiber in your body by letting the pliability of your newfound elastic power “pull weight” into your body”… and then at the precise moment allowing the naturally coiled tension of your movements “load” and then “explode”

It feels like someone’s just “shaken up” your DNA, and…

Awakened something DEEPLY PRIMAL inside of you. Even if you’re the most rational person in the world… you’ll swear you’ve just traded in your ordinary workouts for…

A “Metabolic Superweapon

This is no joke.

Simply by “practicing” these 3 Force Factors, you can literally combine the benefits of anaerobic, aerobic, mobility and power, and strength conditioning into one short workout… in a way that…

IMPROVES Other Exercises And
Activities Instead Of Getting In The Way

Which is why it’s perfect for guys who are tired of doing the same stuff in the gym…

struggling to balance their training with work and family…

…or who simply want to walk the earth knowing they are ready for anything.

This is also why elite operators, law enforcement agents and even hardcore fight camps (who live for finding the smallest competitive edge) fly me in from all around the globe (and pay me a small fortune) to learn these secrets first hand.

Anyway, would you like to learn these Force Factors for REAL?

And would you like to do it without having to leave your homeor even wasting the time (and expense) of figuring it out on your own?

Then here’s what I’ve got for you:

For the past decade I’ve taught this Force Factor KB material all over the globe in closed-door workshops and private sessions… to everyone from Business Executives here in the States… to Special Operators and Fight Camps in Europe and the Middle East… to Backcountry Grandmothers in South America…

And recently, I took a camera and filmed (in intricate detail) a series coaching videos showing YOU the most powerful “Super Soldier” strength training secrets I’ve refined and perfected along the way.

These videos contain the EXACT same coaching insights I’ve only ever shared in high-ticket contracts.

Secrets like:

  • One “super move” that reverses the crippling effects of sitting (fixes your posture, jumpstarts “dead” muscles, strengthens your heart, and strips off body fat) in near record time.

  • The “perfect exercise” to strengthen and restore lower back function when conventional exercises (like deadlifts, good mornings and extensions) only cause aggravation and pain. (Famed back pain expert, Dr. Stuart McGill, discovered the secret to this exercise’s “rehab power” lies in its ability to reverse negative spinal forces inflicted by conventional weight training)

  • A simple breathing trick that allows you to generate more power in all that you do. (It creates a “stiff wall of protection” around your spine, which instantly signals your brain to “turn up the volume” on muscle force production.)

  • How to supercharge cerebral-spinal fluid flow in three simple steps. (This one factor alone is probably why so many people feel amazing after a Force Reaction KB workout)

  • The “Wizard of Menlo Park” secret to faster reflexes. Ignore this and you sabotage the flow of information in your nervous system.

  • How to get a six pack without doing crunches (or any “ab work” at all)

  • The “squeaky door” trick that not only improves your deadlift, but saves your back from a crippling injury in (and out) of the gym.

  • The single best kettlebell exercise for avoiding shoulder injury and building your bench press (you can also kiss any kind of pressing pain goodbye)

  • Training for combat or the cage? Why overlooking this one simple “checkpoint” in the kettlebell swing can get you tossed around like a rag doll in a fight.

  • The “yin-yang” secret to churning out a steady stream of power in your force generation without burning out quickly.

  • The 3-minute “workout” that forces your body to unlock deep pockets of “super juice” hidden in your blood vessels… instantly flooding your bloodstream with a powerful anabolic stimulant that lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and builds lean muscle mass.

Plus a whole bunch more.

And now they’re yours today, if you want them.

There’s Just One Catch

And you need to know this before you keep reading. See, this isn’t some put-on Hollywood production… with slick stage design and hired guns who model for a living to huff and puff half naked on screen. No.

You’re getting quality video instructionals that you can follow along with, filmed in HD, in my private headquarters. It’s just me and you, one-on-one, and I’m walking you through every last detail of how to train like an “old master” in a “new” way that…

I’m also delivering everything to you digitally, so don’t expect a big brown box on your doorstep.

I’m doing this for two reasons: 1) this allows me to offer this special Force Factor KB clinic to you at a much lower price, since there are no shipping and manufacturing costs and… 2) this gives you the convenience of reading and watching the material at home and on the go, via smart tv, desktop, tablet and phone.

If you can get past these “flaws”, you’re good to go, because…

You’re Getting The Same Quality “Private
Contract” Instruction For A Fraction Of
What Everyone Else Had To Pay

Anyway, I could go on and on. But, here’s the bottom line:

Instead of taking decades to learn the proper “art” of Force Training… or having to pay for one expensive seminar, workshop and package of personal training sessions after another to finally “get it”… you can…

Learn These Force Training Secrets
In Just A Few Short Hours And
Without Even Leaving Home!

That’s right…

If you’d like to know what your body is TRULY capable of… by taking it beyond the limits of conventional strength training and maximizing your performance in an almost “playful” way… and do it in the fastest way possible… you have every reason in the world to be excited about this.

So, look, here’s the deal:

Force Factor KB costs just $37. I could charge five times that and you still wouldn’t be paying what my private clients pay for a SINGLE coaching clinic. Ten times that won’t even get you into one of my closed-door workshops (if you’d even gotten a personal invite).

This is a “test” price. I’ve been told by online publishers and marketing “gurus” that people won’t put value in something this “cheap”. And that I should charge A LOT more (at least twice as much) if I want people to take this material seriously. However…

I’ve seen how this material can change lives. I know what it’s done for mine (it literally pulled me back from “the edge”). Which is why I want to make it as affordable as possible to as many people as possible.

Anyway, the price almost doesn’t matter because the reality is

You Can Try These Force Training
Secrets Out For FREE If You Want

Here’s how it works:

Order your personal copy of Force Factor KB while it’s still available at this test price.

Download everything, or stream it from any of your devices, whichever you prefer.

Put the secrets you’ll find inside to the test.

Ten Minutes Is All You
Really Need To Start

But, take a full 60 days, if you want.

This way you’re not rushed, and don’t have to worry about life getting in the way, or any other excuses people make for themselves when starting something new…

Notice the difference you feel in your muscles and joints as you start plugging force gaps… and suddenly start moving with the mobility and power of a hardened warrior.

Notice the confidence you have as you exercise now… the difference in the way you carry yourself in daily life… and the way the people around you respond…

And don’t be surprised if you catch people staring at you in AWE as you do things with weights they simply can’t believe.


If you decide at any point that you’d like to go back to exercising within the limits of conventional weight training

Simply shoot an email over to support@thewarriorzeroproject.com and let me know. I’ll have customer care process your 100% guaranteed refund straight away. No hassle whatsoever. Your prerogative. It’s your body and I trust your judgement here.

And, you get to KEEP anything and everything you’ve downloaded. Consider it a gift for taking decisive action today. So…

Are You Ready To Put These
Force Factors To The Test?

Here’s all you need to do now:

Reserve Your Copy of Force Factor KB And
Get Instant Access To The Force Training
System Just Moments From Now!

 For Just $64  Today's Price $37


Bottom line is this:

I don’t know what your workouts look like right now.

Or what kind of shape you’re in.

But… I DO know one thing

No matter WHAT you’re doing… the secrets found inside Force Factor KB will make you better at it.

Far better, in fact.

You’ll feel it almost instantly. And…

You NEVER have to step foot inside of a gym to experience it, if you don’t want to.

Most guys don’t believe me when I say this. So I prove it to them.

And you can prove it to yourself, too, if you want. It won’t take but a few minutes.

Choice is yours.


Helder Gomes— United States Marine,
International Combat Instructor,
Head Coach NTC-HQ

BTW — I want to make something clear:

I’m NOT suggesting you swear-off conventional weight training. Or cancel your gym membership. Or throw out your dumbbells and barbells, or anything like that.

Not at all.

What I AM suggesting is…

Force Training can take your body places “normal” weight training simply CAN’T.

Here’s my favorite example:

The elite “combat warriors” I train use this secret to…

Turn “Magazine Muscles” Into
A “Performance Physique

Imagine if your job required you to put your life on the line almost every single day…

Do you think you could afford to beat the hell out of yourself in the gym… and still function at a “mission critical” level?

No way!

You’d need to not only stay in “top shape”, but… you’d need to get REAL FUNCTIONAL USE out of the shape you get in. In other words, you’d need to train in a way that…

Guarantees Your Body Is Always
“Fully Operational”

And you simply can’t do that with “normal” weight training alone.

The movements are too restrictive.

The workouts are too long.

And, let’s face it:

Over time, the punishment your body takes is simply too much.

With Force Training you never have to worry about not being able to perform at a high level because of fatigue or soreness or aches and pains.

Because remember: you’re not “lifting weights” here… you’re “manipulating force”. And when you train to do that using Force Factor KB… well… you always feel like your body is ready for anything. (scroll back up and read about the 3 Force Factors and you’ll understand why)

Anyway, you’ve really got to feel it for yourself to know what I’m talking about. Here’s the registration link again:

Reserve Your Copy of Force Factor KB And
Get Instant Access To The Force Training
System Just Moments From Now!

 For Just $64  Today's Price $37


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